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Call Center Data

Best Practices – Contact Center Data Collection

Data collection is one of the key points to contact center reporting.  Prior to just going ahead and building your reports, investigate the data, the methods and the outcome of the collections.

 Email notification

 Best Practices – Email Notifications September 2014

What we would ever do without it today.  For those of us old enough to remember doing business without email we are very thankful for this communications method. 

 Call center reporting

Best Practices Contact Center Reporting

Reporting in the contact center is the collection of data and the output of that data in an appropriate manner to a select audience. Done correctly, reporting combines key data from multiple data sources from critical contact center applications.

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Best Practices – Manager Dashboard

Productivity and efficiency improvements begin with the agents. By following best practices for each application the call center improvements will happen.


Best Practices – Web Reporting

The purpose of Call Center Best Practices is for managers to be able to improve the call center productivity and efficiencies. Productivity and efficiency improvements begin with the agents.

 Best Practices - Contact Center Wallboards

Best Practices – Call Center Wallboards

The purpose of Call Center Best Practices is for managers to be able to improve the call center productivity and efficiencies.

 Best Practices-Call Center Agent Desktops.fw

Best Practices – Agent Desktops

1 In the call center we often think about how we can improve customer satisfaction without
increasing our overall costs and keep our costs to a minimum.


Call Center Analytics

To study or analyze a problem or challenge in detail and breaking it down to determine the cause of the problem or failure.

 Customer Satisfaction.fw

Customer Satisfaction improvements

In the call center we often think about how we can improve customer satisfaction without
increasing our overall costs and keep our costs to a minimum.

 reporting tools

 Reporting Tools

Performance Measurement is the aggregated report detailing the agent and contact center performance across multiple channels.

 spftware not working

 Agents Lying?

I did not get any messages. No one sent me any emails. I did not hear any audio alerts. Nothing
ever pops-up on my screen.

 which reporting

 Which works best?

When contact centers are looking to improve overall performance they typically look to these applications. 


Contact Center Report Positioning

There are many challenges running an effective contact center. Justification to keep the center fully operational at low budget numbers can be difficult, at best.


Corporate Communications

Effective communications throughout the corporate offices are an important part of daily operations.


Which Metrics Matter?

Doesn’t that depend on who you are, what your job function is and what industry your business is in?


Contact Center Manager Dashboard

There are many types of contact center dashboards that managers are using today. Obviously the most important dashboard is one that will work for you.

Contact Center Reporting for Managers

Today agents are working with customers through voice, email and chat. As a manager you need to track the status and performance across these channels to ensure the agents continue to meet their goals and objectives.


Tablet PCs in the Call Center

The sales of tablet PC’s has exploded in the last year. Call centers are starting to use them and many call center managers are wondering how to use them.


Performance Metrics for Supervisor Desktops

In previous articles I have spoken about the importance of Agent Desktop Metrics, and how important it is to provide your Agents with the tools they need to help guide them to a higher level of performance.


Wallboards and Workforce Politics

In a call center that does not have goals, objectives, and structured agent reviews wallboards and workforce politics have much to do with each other.


KPI's and Metrics for the Call Center Agent

Three years ago I wrote an article titled “KPI’s and Metrics for Agents, Team Leaders, Managers and Senior Management” That article has been well received and continues to be the most requested article for reprint.


New Agent Desktops Metrics

Read about the metrics that new agents should see on their desktops.



Performance Metrics for Agent Desktops

Call Center agents with years of experience, training and skills have a greater need to see metrics and statistics that will assist them in improving their performance.


A Plan for Real Time Reporting

There are two reasons why companies have been able to successfully implement a real time reporting solution: They developed a plan and they executed the plan.


Third Party Call Center Reporting

Third party contact center reporting enhances the ACD's reporting capabilities and provides the contact center a solution to integrate application data into summary reports.


Managing your call center reporting solution

Reaching and exceeding your call center targets can be achieved. Maintaining this status year after year is not easy to do. Successful managers are able to do this by managing the data they receive on their real time reports.


Top ACD Metrics

A survey was conducted by Spectrum Corporation to determine the top ACD metrics for the call center. These metrics were strictly for the ACD and did not include other applications such as WFM, CRM, Ticketing systems, FCR or CSat. The survey was done with Spectrum customers only. The purpose for the survey was to determine what our customers believe to be the top ten metrics.



Why your real time reporting solution does not work

If you are manually creating reports you understand the value of data and reporting in the call center. However, these reports have five problems that prevent them from being effective for the entire call center.


Agent Desktops and Wallboards: A Synergistic Solution

There is a synergistic relationship between LCD screens and agent desktops that report call center KPI’s to agents and call center floor. Most often this relationship is ignored and because of that call centers miss an opportunity to improve their efficiencies.


Call Center Threshold Analytics

On a daily basis call centers and agents exceed their thresholds and the manager and the agents are made aware of the threshold violations.


The Value of Data in a Call Center

Call centers generate and store a tremendous amount of data, real time and historical. Unfortunately for most call centers this data is vastly underutilized and therefore loses its value to the organization. A Call center improved its adherence by 6% in 30 days when it started to display, in real time, the agent adherence to schedules.


Unified Contact Center Reporting

Unified Contact Center Reporting includes three components: Monitoring, Reporting and the middleware that coordinates these components.


Contact Center Activity Monitoring

Contact Center Activity Monitoring is the most critical component of Unified Contact Center Reporting. The ability to extract data from data sources is uniquely challenging and what stops most reporting tools from being superior reporting software.


Unified Reporting in the Call Center

Unified Reporting in the Call Center is one part of the Unified Contact Center Reporting. This last piece includes establishing reports for each level of the call center starting with the agents.


Messaging in the Call Center

Messaging in the call center is no longer a nice feature to have in the call center. Today messaging to and from agents has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the agents.


Call Center Statistics, or Call Center Performance Metrics

There are differences between statistics and metrics and Call Center Managers should know these differences. Capturing both statistics and metrics and publishing this information to the call center will improve overall efficiency and effectiveness in the call center.


At-Home Call Center Agents


As more agents are able to work from home the need to be able to provide real time information becomes more critical. Agent desktop reporting provides the information agents need to do their jobs effectively.


Getting Agents to Read LCD Screens

You can install new LCD screens but you still cannot get the agents to review them and take corrective action. Here are some thoughts on how to change your agent’s attitude towards effective LCD screens in your call center.


Performance Management or Real Time Reporting

Performance Management is all about real time AND historical data from multiple sources that affect call center behavior. Real time reporting extracts real time and historical data from multiple sources but does not provide analytics.


Performance Management for Call Center Excellence!

What are the data sources and tools you need to extract performance management information for your call center?


Real Time Reporting Increases Call Center Productivity

On average Spectrum Call center customers report a 7% increase in productivity by implementing a Real Time Reporting system in their call center.


Positive Messaging in the Call Center

Combating negative attitudes in the call center and improving morale can be accomplished by sending positive messages and positive metrics to your agents. In one example a call center manager changed from Abandonment Rate to Answer Rate.


KPI's and Metrics for Agents, Team Leaders, Managers and Senior Manangement

To be effective (improve quality) and efficient (reduce costs) the KPI's and Metrics that each of the call center stakeholders sees and reacts to should not be the same.


Metrics that Matter

What are the metrics that matter the most to your call center? Each call center is unique even within an industry. Selecting the correct metrics can save your call center precious resources.


Call Center Digital Signage

There has been a lot of talk lately about Digital Signage. This has come about because of the cost reduction in plasma and LCD screens. There is much confusion about what is the right tool for the call center. This article discusses each digital signage tool for the call center.


Spectrum Call Center Readerboards and Wallboards

Readerboards and Wallboards for the cal center may be older technology but they still work and still provide tremendous benefits to the call center. Learn how to use a wallboard properly in your call center.


Desktops and Dashboards

Examples of how to use desktops and dashboards in the call center will save you time and money. When should a desktop solution be used and who should have this option in the call center.




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