Avaya Call Center Reporting & Wallboards

Avaya reporting technology is used by companies all over the world in the contact center. Spectrum software and hardware reporting solutions offer simple integration with Avaya, so that call center managers can gain a view of how the call center is performing in real time.

Selected Avaya DevConnect Partner

Selected as part of Avaya’s DevConnect Select Product Program (SPP), Spectrum’s software and hardware reporting solutions have been tested for compliance by Avaya and are compatible with standards-based Avaya solutions. Select Product Program applications are chosen by Avaya based on proven interoperability through DevConnect Compliance Testing and the important capabilities they bring to Avaya's portfolio.

Spectrum is the Tested Software for Avaya Solutions

avaya devconnect call center reportsAvaya call center reporting software & wallboards capture data from the Avaya ACD & other data sources such as CRM, WFM, your own in-house databases & creates unified reports. Spectrum offers software and hardware which is compliant with Avaya's reporting solutions. Our unified contact center reporting solutions integrate with the following Avaya systems:

Benefits of Avaya "Compliant" Reporting Solutions

  • Innovative Unified Contact Center Reporting can be ordered directly from Avaya and its channel partners.
  • Enables easier access to Avaya-compatible technology that extends the value of a company’s unified communications network.

Avaya Reports

Spectrum combines data from your Avaya contact center, CRM, WFO, and your in-house databases. Our immediate analytics solution includes real-time and historical data collection, advanced and high level data calculations and integration services. The outcome is reporting that implements agent performance improvement, supervisor efficiencies and managers with complete call center summary to agent specific reporting.

Spectrum offers real time reporting solutions with UCCR which integrates with Avaya. These reports are available on wallboards, LCD screens, web based reports, desktops, email or smart phones. The reports are all different, based on the level of reporting – agents will see different real time information from a senior manager report which contains more historical information.

avaya wallboards

NeXorce Integration

Spectrum's NeXorce integrates with the Avaya Call Management System utilizing secure socket and ODBC connections. The configuration requirements as predetermined by the end user will define the ACD data that is collected. From CMS the Split Skill content only on up to include Agent States, Agent Summary, VDN and Vectors to provide significant and critical status and performance data to the call center.

VectraView and XorceView are two output applications that reside within the NeXorce software. VectraView is used to display content on LCD screens in the contact center and for corporate communications. XorceView can be configured for agent desktops and for managers dashboards. Real time and historical data that can be confidential for the manager's and urgent for agents is easily configured to run live but using little desktop real estate.

Data Accumulation from Avaya Call Management System including Split Skill, Agent States, Agent Summary, VDN, Vectors and High Availability (HA) utilizing secure socket and ODBC connections.

Real time socket for Avaya IQ to capture data for Agent Adherence, Agent Performance, Queue Performance and Routing Point Performance.

Additional call center application reporting is possible utilizing similar tools to capture data from your CRM, WFM, IVR, or you in house proprietary data source.

Avaya Wallboards

The wallboards we offer here at Spectrum are designed for easier reading and greater visibility of the combined data from Avaya Aura, CRM, WFO and any in-house databases in your contact center area. The wallboards allow for all tracking and planning call center needs and allows teams to view updates in a real time view. The wallboards can utilize the data from avaya call center sources to provide threshold and variance alerts to quickly get the attention of agents.

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