Dashboards, wallboards and desktops and created by NeXorce Enterprise software are powered by Spectrum Unified Contact Center Reporting. The reports being created consist of capturing data from the AACC platform as well as other data sources such as CRM, WFM, or your own in-house database and creating unified reports.

The reports are available on Dashboards, wallboards, desktops, web based reports, desktops, email or smart phones. The unified reports are all different based on the level of reporting – agents, team leaders, managers and senior management.

Applications for Avaya AACC Reporting

  • Senior Managers: Web based reports, mobile phones, desktops with historical contact center information and drill down capabilities.
  • Managers: Dashboards, Web based reports, desktops, mobile phones, LCD Screens with Agent, CRM and WFM information and drill down capabilities
  • Team Leaders: Desktops, LCD Screens with Split Skill and Agent status information
  • Agents: Desktops, LCD Screens and Wallboards with Split Skill and Agent status information

Contact Spectrum for more information about Dashboards and Wallboards for Avaya AACC.