Avaya BCMS Vu Display Software

Customers that are using the Avaya BCMS Vu display software and require a wallboard have direct connectivity with the Spectrum wallboards. Avaya has integrated wallboard software into the application and is able to connect with four different Spectrum wallboards.

Avaya BCMS Vu Software

Spectrum compatible wallboards

  • 1023C 1 line x 20 character, 57.4”Long, Tri-Color serial wallboard
  • 3214C 2 line x 20 character, 40.2”Long, Tri-Color serial wallboard
  • 3614C 2 line x 26 character, 52.2”Long, Tri-Color serial wallboard
  • 3024C 2 line x 33 character, 64.2”Long, Tri-Color serial wallboard

Benefits Of Using BCMS Vu Software

  • Graphical display output from real-time graphs and the large text capabilities of wallboard displays provide easy monitoring of call center activity.
  • The BCMS Vu software allows more than seven days of historical data to be stored. With the BCMS Vu software, you can keep historical data for as long as you want to by periodically archiving the historical database.
  • The historical database created by the BCMS Vu software can be accessed using other products, such as Microsoft Access.
  • Provides an interface to the DEFINITY ECS/ switch that allows you to create custom real-time reports using the BCMS data that resides on the switch. Furthermore, multiple reports can be displayed on the screen at the same time.

Features Of The BCMS Vu Software

  • Displays real-time data as real-rime graphs.
  • Displays real-time data as wallboard displays which mimic the display capabilities of external wallboards used in call centers.
  • Redirects the display output of one of the defined wallboard displays to an external wallboard.
  • Displays real-time data in real-time text reports.
  • Select the data items you want to display when you define a real-time graph or wallboard display.
  • Specify alerts on real-time data items to provide visual and/or audible indication that the item has exceeded the threshold alerting level.
  • Downloads DEFINITY ECS/ switch historical data regularly to a database on your computer. This data can be defined and produced into clear reports.

What Can The BCMS Vu Software Be Used For?

  • Gaining real-time glances of information about your call center.
  • Detailed real-time information using real-time text reports.
  • Obtaining historical data for analysis, reporting and appraisal purposes.
  • Displaying instant feedback and other call center information to your agents.

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