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Avaya CMS Reporting with UltraLink

Avaya CMS with Ultra-Link Software

Spectrum offers Avaya contact center software and SMB (small business) solutions with Ultra-Link software. Ultra-Link Software for SMB call centers captures data from the CMS and other sources and displays that information on wallboards and agent desktops.

Ultra-Link uses the ULS socket to capture data from the Avaya CMS and stores the collected data. Then, by combining the CMS data with other data such as CRM, WFM, etc., Ultra-Link builds unified reports for the SMB call center.

Ultra-Link is able to capture Avaya Split Skill, Agent or VDN information from the Avaya CMS via Spectrum ULS sockets.

avaya ultralink smb solution

Key Benefits:

  • For the SMB call center Ultra-Link is the ideal software application to capture the real time data and display that information on wallboards and agent desktops;
  • Low cost call center reporting solution fits into any budget;
  • Perfect fit for the traditional call center wanting to display text only to the wallboards or desktops.

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