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Spectrum provides Cisco with UCC Enterprise (UCCE) wallboards powered by our NeXorce software. NeXorce Enterprise Software is the software engine for Unified Contact Center Reporting. NeXorce typically queries the Skill_Group_Real_Time and Call_Type_Real_Time tables and stores the collected data in the neXorce database. Spectrum also will query certain “views” that are available in UCC Enterprise. By combining the UCC Enterprise data with other data such as CRM, WFM, etc., neXorce builds unified reports for the call center.



Spectrum's neXorce software for UCC Enterprise captures real time and historical data from the UCCE database tables. This data is then manipulated to meet customer requirements. Spectrum can create new KPI's and metrics, provide summaries, totals and pull data from other databases and combine the data.

Spectrum is able to push the data out to LCD screens, web based reports, LED wallboards, desktops, dashboards, email and smartphones.

The reports that are sent to agents, supervisors and managers are designed for each level of the call center. Agents see their agent and skill group data, supervisors see the group and agent data and managers see the data for the entire call center with drill down capabilities.

Features Of The UCC Enterprise Software

  • Delivers each contact to the most appropriate resource
  • Extensive customer profiles using contact-related data
  • Customer segmentation and monitoring of resource availability
  • Routing to the suitable resource, allowing customer needs and conditions to be met
  • Boosting caller satisfaction with presence integration to allow improved agent performance during call

The UCC Enterprise software also features seamless integrated inbound and outbound voice applications via internet applications. This helps call agents to support multiple interactions through the different applications available to them such as real-time chat, web collaboration, email, and social media.

Supervisory features are available that allow call center supervisors and managers to perform a number of useful actions such as sending text chat messages to agents, interupting and intercepting calls as well as recording conversations for training. Supervisors can also change an agent's state directly from ther desktops reducing negligent mistakes.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible reporting that provides the metrics and statistics that you want to see, not a canned report
  • Alert notifications on threshold violations
  • Truly Unified Reporting by being able to combine Cisco UCC Enterprise data with data from other sources
  • Manages each interaction individually by recognizing each call interaction as unique
  • Comprehensive supervisory features allowing remote assistance for agents during calls

Spectrum also is compatible with Cisco IPCC Enterprise.

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