Nortel CC MIS Wallboard Systems

Nortel’s CC MIS Wallboard System supports 1 to 4 line serial wallboards, which can be attached directly to a supervisor’s PC or can be daisy chained together off the CC MIS. Displaying ACD group/queue statistics on Spectrum Wallboards allows you to present your agents with KPI statistics and metrics so they can focus on activities to meet group SLA’s.

Note: CC MIS supports various configurations for wallboard connections including the XR VME, modem, terminal server or remote PC. The cabling and pin outs may be different for each.


Compatible Models

  • 3217C 3 line x 20 character (4-line mode also supported), 40.2”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 3617C 3 line x 26 character (4-line mode also supported), 52.2”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 3027C 3 line x 33 character (4-line mode also supported), 64.2”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 3214C 2 line x 20 character, 40.2”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 3614C 2 line x 26 character, 52.2”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 3024C 2 line x 33 character, 64.2”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 3424C 2 line x 40 character, 76.2”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 1512C 1 line x 15 character, 28.9”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 1022C 1 line x 20 character, 37.7”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 1023C 1 line x 20 character, 57.4”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 1033C 1 line x 30 character, 84.4”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)

The Nortel CC MIS has built-in wallboard driver software and the data items and formatting available for the LED wallboards will be dependent on this application. The diagram above is an estimation of the features supported. For the latest information please contact your reseller or refer to the wallboard driver portion of your User’s Manual.

Nortel CC MIS-Sample Data Items (data item may vary)

  • Group Name
  • Average Delay
  • Average ACD Time
  • Service Level
  • Calls Abandoned
  • Calls Answered
  • Calls Waiting
  • Overflow Out
  • Pos Manned
  • Pos Spare
  • Pos ACD Call
  • Pos Not Ready
  • Pos Waiting
  • Pos DN Call

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