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SAP Call/Contact Center Reporting Software

SAP with neXorce Enterprise

Spectrum's neXorce easily integrates with SAP call/contact center reporting software, to extract critical data and metrics from sales, inventory and invoicing modules. NeXorce uses remote function calls through web services to capture data from SAP.

neXorce Enterprise Software is the software engine for Unified Contact Center Reporting. The captured data is stored in the neXorce database. By combining the SAP data with other data such as multi channel ACD’s, WFM and ticketing systems, neXorce builds unified reports for the call center.


Key benefits:

  • Monitor critical KPI’s across the contact center
  • Unified reports summarize all data into reports for each level of the contact center.
  • Reports are published to desktops, LCD screens, web based reports, wallboards and smart phones.
  • Immediate adjustments can be made to improve the call center operations.

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