Siemens Call Center Wallboards

Messagestream Reader Boards - HiPath Procenter 5.1

Siemens call center wallboards & messagestream reader boards feature MessageStream software and Board Distributor for Procenter 5.1. Siemens call center wallboards & messagestream reader boards are compatible with 2-line serial Spectrum LED wallboards.

Spectrum Wallboards are a highly visible solution for corporate communication. Instead of waiting to review end of the day reports you can present your agents with actionable items in real-time, so they can make immediate adjustments to the current queue status.


Sample Statistics (actual data items may vary)
Number of calls queued
Service level
Server Status
Oldest call duration
Estimated wait time
Estimated service level
Eligible agents
Average wait time
Abandon rate
8-hour service level
10-hour service level
12-hour service level
16-hour service level

Spectrum Compatible Wallboards

  • 3214C 2 line x 20 character, 40.2”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 3614C 2 line x 26 character, 52.2”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)
  • 3024C 2 line x 33 character, 64.2”Long, Tri-Color LED wallboard (serial)

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