Call Center Unified Reporting

Contact Center Digital Signage and Dashboards

Spectrum call center unified reporting software and contact center display products combine data from the ACD, CRM, WFM, in-house databases and more to provide agents and managers KPI’s that improve performance.  Reviewing critical data items, acting on variances from goals and surveying the agent threshold analytics are all standard practices in contact centers utilizing the Spectrum unified reporting software.

Spectrum publishes real time and historical data to LCD Screens, Desktops, Tablet PC’s, Dashboards, LED Wallboards, Web Based reports, Email and Smart Phones.

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Desktops: Deliver critical KPIs to your desktop as a screen pop with charts, graphs, gauges and text messages.

Dashboards: Call center metrics, daily or weekly reports and threshold analytics are delivered to your full screen dashboard.

Analytics: On-going analysis of KPI metrics showing variances to the Call Center Manager.  Data is used in dashboards and web based reports to show trends.

Web Based Reports: Web based reports are ideal for managers.  These reports can be viewed in the office, on the road, on your smart phone or from home.  The reports are built to your specific unique requirements.

LED Wallboards: Traditional and having the lowest TCO of any real time digital signage Spectrum offers a full line of LED Wallboards and LED Readerboards for the Call Center.

LCD Screens: (Plasma, large format screens) Spectrum can provide commercial grade Plasma and LCD screens to meet your turnkey project requirements.  Utilizing the VectraView Display Controller real time content is delivered to the screens over IP and VGA signals.


Tablet PC’s: Display real time information to your tablet PC through wireless URL or network connection.  Spectrum’s neXorce Software provides the ability to output data to a tablet PC and gives managers and supervisors the freedom to leave their desk and still be aware of the call center stats in real time.

call center email reports

Email and Smart Phones:Many Call Center managers would prefer an email when critical thresholds have been exceeded.  Spectrum provides a solution that will push an email with KPI data in the subject line out to a traditional email address or to a mobile phone.  In addition, a URL can be set so your smart phone would be able to go to the URL and see the real time call center statistics.

call center data collection

Data Collection: Call centers are especially challenged with raw data being stored in separate locations and not readily accessible for reporting and analytics to the call center manager.

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