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Call Center Dashboards

With Spectrum's line of XorceView dashboards, you have the information you need readily available for simple access to the status of the contact center. Our call center dashboards provide critical data as a full screen of charts, graphs and data grids displaying your most important industry-standard KPIs to manage and improve contact center performance. Managers using threshold analytics will be shown the KPI’s that are creating the variances in the call center -- allowing call center professionals to make informed, strategic decisions based on real time reporting.

The challenge for contact center managers and supervisors is being able to call a lot of data from multiple sources to check current and historical statuses along with performance for the contact center.

Dashboards combine data from voice, email and chat sources along with the internal data that managers possess. The dashboard software can give easy access to the summary data and allow for drill down options to gain more detailed information in key interest areas for the managers. Data sources can be picked from their original source to allow specific details to be seen for deduction of overall causes of upward or downward trends in the contact center performance metrics.

Revenue and improved productivity

Inefficient call centers cost the business in lost revenue or productivity.  Dashboards show the managers using threshold analytics where inefficiencies exist and where revenue is being lost.

Key Features of Xorceview Dashboards:

  • Real time, historical integrated call center statistics and metrics to improve overall call center performance;
  • Xorceview Call Center Dashboards integrate with multiple data sources including Cisco and Avaya
  • Multiple dashboards are available as tabs. Managers different data to determine status of different parts of the call center;
  • By using threshold analytics managers see where in the call center performance is not meeting stated goals.

View screenshots of our Xorceview Dashboards in our photo gallery.

What Are The Benefits of Using Xorceview Dashboards?

Configured to show relevant and real-time data to the user, Specorp's Xorceview dashboard solution provides the following benefits:

  • Allows agents to change behavior and improve their performance through real time information.
  • Messaging to reinforce agent goals and objectives.
  • Team leaders are automatically aware of agent and group variances with group information and critical KPI display.
  • Small footprint does not interfere with other applications.
  • Managers track call center overall performance and make adjustments based on trends.

Making Contact Center Managers More Effective Through Mobility

Mobility is a key issue for contact center managers as they are required to be at corporate meetings, assisting agents, travel for business and working from home. Xorceview empowers contact center managers with the benefit of mobility as they can access their dashboard on a whole range of different devices in any location.

The Manager's dashboard displays multiple layers of content from real-time to historical data in reference to group levels or indiviual agents. This flexibility coupled with the ability to use remote connectivity allows the manager to be truly mobile, able to make informed decisions wherever they may be.

For more information on XorceView Dashboard download the XorceView brochure.

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