Contact Center Data Collection Software

Data Collection, Collaboration and Visibility

The most important and possibly critical step for unified call center reporting is data capturing, collaboration and visibility. An effective way to improve agent performance and provide managers with analysis information is to capture the right data, collaborate the data when needed and build the appropriate visibility for agents, supervisors and managers. Data for contact centers comes from the ACD including voice, chat and email; WFM; CRM and in-house databases. A superior call center performance metrics solution begins with the ability to collect data from those siloed data locations.

Key Benefits:

  • Capturing critical data from multiple data sources enables concise and accurate real time status;
  • Customized results that meet your needs can occur utilizing simple to complex calculations;
  • Data can be stored to create historical reporting for the day, week, month, etc.


Contact Center Data Collection by using:

  • Sockets
  • Remote Function Calls
  • ODBC
  • XML
  • Data Emulation, if needed
  • API's

Our call center data collection is powered by neXorce reporting software that offers real time data collection and collaboration. This information can be published to LCD screens, wallboards, desktops, dashboards, smart phones, tablet PC's and web based reports.

Spectrum is the first choice for call/contact center system integration. Our data collection software is available for Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens and many others.

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