Call Center Desktop Reporting

Call Center Desktop Solutions for Agent Desktops

Spectrum offers software and solutions for call center desktops for agents that need status and performance reporting.  Critical KPI's and metrics are delivered to the agents desktop allowing them to be aware of their status and improve their performance. 

XorceView gives the agent a knowledgeable view of the call center and more specifically how they are performing. Because desktop real estate is valuable XorceView can be minimized to the taskbar and pop up when a threshold is exceeded or a message is received.

Managers and supervisors are able to stay in touch with timely messages or triggered messages based on time or a threshold.

Spectrum is the first choice for call center system integration and contact center integration. We offer desktop solutions for Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Genesys, and many others.

Key Benefits of XorceView Agent desktops

  • Real time agent metrics and statistics to improve agent performance;
  • Message to and from managers and team leaders aides awareness;
  • Minimize to the taskbar to save desktop space. XorceView will pop up when a message arrives or a threshold is exceeded;
  • Tab or flip views multiplies the amount of content without taking up more desktop space.

Functionality With Wallboards

Call centers can improve their productivity by utilizing both agent call center desktops and wallboards together to present real time data to the agent's call center managers.

This increased productivity arrises through each memeber of the call center being well informed of real time KPI metrics:

Call Center Desktops

In the case of agent desktops; they provide agent specific information in the form of real time statistics such as agent adherence, calls in queue and abandon rate. Thresholds are attached to these statistics to alert the agent that attention is required.


The Wallboards display KPI's to the entire call center with statistics ranging from calls in queue, oldest call waiting, agents available and service level. As thresholds are assigned to each KPI statistic, the call center as a whole is alerted when areas need attention.

Increased Productivity

Both wallboards and desktop software have the ability to alert users of areas that need attention however when they are used on their own, users do not take responsibility for those areas. When used in conjunction with one another, they help to greatly increase productivity as all users in the call center are aware of the status of the call center and have to take responibility for the metrics being displayed.

Performance Metrics For Call Center Desktops

The goal of the desktop wallboard is to assist agents in optimizing their performance. Call centers consist of agents with varying degrees of skills and experience and it is fundamental that data presented to the agents are personalized to enable the best possible optimization of their performance.

Our desktop reporting for agent desktops allow for this and are designed to enable personalized alert messaging to agents. These alerts are based on objectives for the call center, for the agent and on previous performance statistics that the agent needs to improve on. The messages produced do not take up too much screen real estate in order to prevent distraction and can be timed to be sent at times that are most appropiate for an agent or a group of agents.

Team leaders, Supervisors and Managers may prefer a dashboard for their real time reporting needs. 

View more screenshots of our call center desktop solution Xorceview in our photo gallery.

For more information on XorceView, download the XorceView Flyer.

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