Mobile Contact Call Center Reporting

Receive Call Center Reports on Mobile: Email & SMS Text

Our smartphone & mobile call/contact center reporting provides remote contact and management mobility, a must have for today’s operations manager. Utilizing Spectrum’s Email Client software, managers may stay in touch with the business, receiving key metrics via their smartphone, mobile, email or alert messages via SMS.

Nexorce Reporting For Smart Phones

Contact center managers are able to keep up to date with business as real-time web reports, email messages and text messages are sent to their smart phones. With neXorce reporting software your email along with subject line real time information can be scheduled for delivery. Emails are also sent in a traditional way to your account to be read on your pc. The ability to stay connected to the contact center using email, SMS and web reports on a manager's smart phone greatly increases mobility and improves productivity in the decision making.

Key Benefits of Mobile Call Center Reporting

  • Manager mobility – Statistics and Metrics are sent directly to the managers mobile device;
  • Alert notifications when a targeted KPI is in threshold or has crossed a variance level;
  • Subject line notifications
    means the email does not have to be opened to know the contents.

Mobile call center reports

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