Call Center LCD Screens & Wallboards

LCD Screen Displays

LCD Screen Displays

Spectrum provides call/contact center displays & wallboards with LCD Screens. These LCD displays & LCD wallboards are used for call/contact center real time reporting for the agents and team leaders.  Real time content from the multi-channel ACD’s, WFM, CRM, and much more can be displayed on the LCD screens.  One distinct advantage to call center LCD screens is the ability to display live video, streaming content, web pages, documents, photos, camera feeds and satellite feeds. 

The LCD display screens will require some type of controller or PC to drive them.  Spectrum offers the Spectrum VectraView Display Controller for that purpose.

Spectrum is the first choice for call center system integration and contact center integration. Our LCD displays are available with Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens and many others.

Key Benefits of our LCD Displays & Wallboards:

  • LCD Displays can be used by the call
    center, HR, marketing, production and help desk so the cost of the hardware and software is spread across multiple budgets;
  • Live content such as video, web, streaming provides immediate informational updates to the agents;
  • A single LCD screen can display content in many fashions gaining the attention of the agents and team leaders helping to improve call center performance.

What Contact Center Problems Can The LCD Screen Solve?

The Problem

Challenges in the contact center can often be group-related, challenges such as product/service knowledge, group level performance issues and current status metrics. Agent specific data on display can have a negative impact on the contact center group and increases the rate of agent turnover.

The Solution

The use of an LCD Screen can help resolve the following issues

  • Poor customer experiences
  • Lack of brand knowledge and awareness
  • Internal communications
  • Business obstacles

The content offered on the LCD screens can change throughout the business day based on events that occur and encompasses product/service data, external business content, messages, live content and internal images.

VectraView LCD Display Controller

lcd display controllerLCD screens require a VGA input and to do this a PC or a controller is required.  Using Spectrum VectraView Display Controller call centers have more control over the LCD screen, the installation is easier and faster than a PC, and upgrades to the OS are not required.  Call Centers prefer the Spectrum VectraView Display Controller over a PC.

Spectrum’s VectraView™ Software

lcd wallboard controllerSpectrum’s VectraView™ software drives Contact Center information to strategically place LCD Screens, in the Contact Center, NOC, help desk, lobby or anywhere throughout your organization.

View Spectrum's VectraView software in screenshots in our photo gallery.

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