Spectrum provides call/contact center with displays, wallboards and LCD Screens. Real time content from the multi-channel ACD’s, WFM, CRM, and much more can be displayed on the LCD screens. The distinct advantages to call center LCD screens are the abilities to display live video, streaming content, web pages, documents, photos, camera feeds and satellite feeds.

LCD Screens provide a macro view to the audience of the urgent and important information to enable agents to react quickly as well as see other agent’s current log in status.

Key Benefits of the VectraView Software:

  • Provide critical data for all to see quickly and easily.
  • Live content such as video, web, streaming provides immediate informational updates to the agents.
  • LCD Displays can be used by the call center, HR, marketing, production and help desk so the cost of the hardware and software is spread across multiple budgets;
  • A single LCD screen can display content in many fashions gaining the attention of the agents and team leaders helping to improve call center performance.

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