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NeXorce Real Time Reporting Software

NexorceneXorce reporting software

Be Empowered with Real-Time Data

NeXorce reporting software provides real-time call center reporting, taking real-time data collection and delivery to a new level. NeXorce reporting strengths come from data collection and data distribution.  Capture data from more sources using socket connections, ODBC, XML, Data Emulation, or from the web.  Then publish your information to an LCD screen, wallboard, desktop, dashboard, tablet PCs, smart phone, web report and to IP phones based on the targeted audience.



  • Status and alerts for office and home agent desktops
  • Group status and performance with alerting to supervisor desktops and dashboards
  • All group status, summaries per group, specifics per group, agent specifics status and performance and analytics for the groups and agents for the managers dashboard
  • Group status and accomplishments for the call center and visitors
  • Content for Tablet PC’s which enable mobility for the supervisors and managers
  • Daily email alerts to IT, managers or key personal notifying about current status. Emails can be daily or weekly status and performance of the call center, groups or agents
  • Web based reporting for mobility and security

NeXorce Benefits

  • Real Time and Historical Reporting will improve efficiences in the Call Center
  • Display goals and variances to improve stakeholder performance
  • Better decision making with Real Time information
  • Improve CSat and FCR ratings

See how Avaya compatible call center reporting software, neXorce and wallboards capture data from Avaya ACD, CRM, WFM and your own in-house databases.

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