Call Center Tablet PC's

Tablet PC’s provide team leaders, supervisors and managers with real time data such as charts, graphs, data grids and messaging. This data on the tablet is real time information even while you are mobile. Your tablet PC from Samsung, ASUS, Apple, etc. are all supported.

call center tablet pc

Office Mobility is not an issue when wireless connectivity is supported.  Managers are able to provide agent cubicle support yet remain aware of the status of the call center with their tablet PC.  When managers travel or are involved in long meetings the tablet PC will provide on going call center updates.

Tablet Reporting

Tablet reporting allows contact center managers to be truly mobile and offers them remote working while they are out travelling or working in different offices. The web reporting software on the tablet is designed to show a summary report and have multiple layers with detailed agent information for in-depth analysis.

  • Layer 1 - Summary information is provided such as voice, email and chat.
  • Layer 2 - Agent summary information for each skill group for the different channels (voice, email, and chat).
  • Layer 3 - Agent states information for each channel to provide detailed results per agent.

This detailed breakdown of contact center and agent performance information boosts managerial productivity as it gives the manager the ability to make more informed decisions on the move and truly stay connected with the contact center.

Key Benefits:

  • Managers and Senior Management keep tabs on operational effectiveness while being mobile;
  • Tablet PC’s improve managers efficiencies with real time status displays and web based reports with summary and detailed agent information;
  • While being mobile share agent status and call center performance with other managers and senior management.

    call center tablet reporting

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