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End of Support Announcement for Ultra-Link Software                September 2013

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Spectrum is announcing end of Support for Ultra-Link Software.  The following software versions will no longer be supported after the dates given below.

Ultra-Link Software

Software Version                  Status                                              Support Path

1.X                                          EOL August 1, 2009                       Upgrade to NeXorce 2.1

2.X                                          EOL September 1, 2014                 Upgrade to NeXorce 2.1

3.X                                          EOL September 1, 2014                 Upgrade to NeXorce 2.1

Upgrade Path:

The upgrade would be to Spectrum’s NeXorce Express or NeXorce Enterprise Software.

Ultra-Link has three output modules: Data-Pop for agent desktops, Wallboards for Spectrum LED wallboards, VectraView for LCD screens.  These output modules as well as others are available on the NeXorce Express and NeXorce Enterprise software.

Customers with a maintenance agreement with Spectrum can upgrade to the supported releases of VectraView and neXorce at a minimum charge from Spectrum.  Customers that do not have a maintenance agreement with Spectrum will be charged an upgrade fee for a supported release.

If you are unsure what version your Ultra-Link Software might be please contact Spectrum support at 1.713.551.47011 or


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