V-Display Replaced By NeXorce Software

V-Display Replaced by Nexorce

V-Display Replaced by Nexorce


V-Display Software for Wallboards and Readerboards

V-Display is application software that resides within CMS and collects data to be displayed on Spectrum Wallboards. The software collects interval (real-time) and historical data and gives customers the ability to select which of these data items to display on Spectrum Wallboards.

Spectrum Announces End of Life on V-Display

This letter is to formally announce the End of Sale and the End of Life for Spectrum’s V-Display Software. The End of Sale / End of Life date is September 1st, 2008.

End of Sale (EoS) date means that as of this date Spectrum will no longer sell the V-Display software and will no longer sell upgrades to the existing customers. The software that is replacing V-Display is neXorce.  NeXorce is an award winning software application that is fully tested and compliant with Avaya CMS. To learn more about neXorce visit our website.http://www.specorp.com/products/nexorce

End of Life (EoL) date means that as of this date Spectrum will support the V-Display Software for one year.  Therefore, maintenance and support will be available until September 1st, 2009.  During this time Spectrum will support the product with admin changes, bug fixes on existing Solaris supported versions and upgrades to Solaris version 5.9 and Avaya CMS versions 13 and 14.

During EoL time (September 1st, 2008 – September 1st, 2009) Spectrum will not develop new features or develop for new versions of Solaris. After the EoL time (September 1st, 2009) Spectrum will not develop new features, develop for new versions of Solaris, provide bug fixes, or provide admin support on the V-Display software.  After September 1st, 2009 all customers will be requested to upgrade to neXorce.

Further details about the EoS and EoL procedures are available on the Spectrum Support Website. http://support.specorp.com/

If you have questions about this announcement or any Spectrum products please contact your sales representative or Spectrum directly.


Dan Boehm
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Spectrum Corporation

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