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VectraView software

VectraView™ Software

Spectrum’s VectraView™ LCD display software drives information to strategically placed LCD screens in the contact center, customer service center, help desk, lobby or anywhere else in your organization where important information needs to be displayed.  Statistics, metrics, video, graphs, charts, presentations, documents, websites, weather, news, cameras, RSS feeds and much more can be dynamically displayed on your LCD screens.

lcd display software

VectraView software creates dynamic graphical displays that can be distributed to a single screen or globally, empowering viewers with current information to make better decisions. Data from multiple sources can be combined to create colorful charts, gauges, messages, video or other graphical content displayed in real time. Businesses can feature real-time statistics or metrics, training videos, presentations, Web pages, corporate employee communications and news or financial information on plasma screens, flat panels, LCDs or large displays.  Multilevel thresholds and automatic color schemes are additional features that add power and a very professional look to this easy to manage product.

Key Benefits of VetraView Software:

  • Dynamic call center content encourages agents and team leaders to read the screens and improve performance;
  • Displaying appropriate statistics and metrics will improve call center performance and individual agent performance;
  • VectraView can drive screens in other departments defraying the cost of the software across the organization and not just one department.

LCD Display Contact Center Software

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