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call center wallboards

At Spectrum, we understand how important it is that call center agents and managers are able to monitor call center statistics in real time. Our line of call center wallboards display data elements, alert messages and general announcements for quick viewing to managers, employees and teams in real time so that progress and key metrics are available immediately to review. With a life expectancy that exceeds 10 years, our call center LED wallboards are the best in displaying key call center statistics, metrics and KPIs to improve agent and team leader performance. When your team is aware of real-time reporting from Spectrum’s line of LED wallboards, it allows the opportunity for increased awareness, reliability, efficiency and high productivity so that your team can accomplish the goals of the organization.

Our call center wallboards come in a variety of sizes to meet your call center space requirements and budget. Because they are LED wallboards, our wallboards allow for easier reading and greater visibility than plasma or LCD monitors. We also offer a serial to IP adapter which connects your serial wallboards to your network. In addition to KPIs and metrics, our call center wallboards support threshold and variance alerts as well as audible alerts to get the attention of your agent when important information need to be reviewed.

Wallboard Partners

Spectrum offers a variety of programmable LED wallboards for call center integration and contact center integration. Our wallboards fit all tracking & planning call center needs and allow teams to view updates in real time. Spectrum provides wallboard displays and desktop wallboards in the following brands that are compatible with a variety of call center applications:

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Key Benefits of Call Center LED Wallboards:

  • Multi sizes to meet any call center space or use requirements and budget;
  • Tricolor LED’s to support threshold and variance alerts;
  • Messages can be run on the boards;
  • Audible alerts get the attention of the agent and request them to view the wallboards;
  • IP Enabled to connect to the corporate network and avoid costly separate wiring.


More Contact Center Display Products


LCD wallboard

LCD Screen, Plasma Screen or Flat Panel display (VectraView):

While technically each of these are different devices, the terms are used interchangeably to refer to the same thing - a large panel LCD display that can show dynamic graphics video, web pages, charts, graphs and text in full color.


contact center wallboard

LED Wallboards (Wallboards):

These are the traditional LED wallboards that show call center statistics and metrics in tricolor text only.

desktop wallboard

Desktop Clients (XorceView):

These are the desktop applications that display real time call center agent statistics and metrics on an agent desktop.

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