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Call Center Web ReportsOnline Call/Contact Center reporting is one of the most sought after features for the call center manager today. Our web based reports provide managers with more granular reporting, better reporting and the ability to drill down on information to get to the root cause of the variance (threshold). Additionally they are formated in a way that is easily accessible for call center managers.

Spectrum is the first choice for call center system integration and contact center integration. Our call center web reports are available in Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens and many others.

Key Features of Web Based Reports

  • Provides a summary report view of contact center data.
  • Drills down and across groups and individuals for in-depth details.
  • Reports can be accessed with any browser.
  • Viewable in Text, graphical or a combination of both for an easy to read report.

Key Benefits of Online Call Center Reporting:

  • Immediate access to the report with any third party browser.
  • Web based reports can be viewed from any location permitting the manager flexibility and mobility;
  • Graphics can be incorporated into the report for more dynamic views of the data;
  • Data on your agent, team and call center goals and variances can be shown on report.
  • Information is not limited to ACD’s the web reports can pull data from any call center application to provide a true summary report to the managers.

What Data Do The Web-Based Reports Provide?

Summary Data

This web-based report component provides multi-channel data for each group within the contact center. The summary data often consists of a set of common key metrics that include; Total offered calls/emails/chats, total handled calls/emails/chats, total abandoned calls, total abandoned time, total trouble tickets, total talk times, service levels for calls/emails/chats and total unavailable states.

Drill Down Data

This component of the report allows the user to gain specific data that runs from summary group level data to group level metrics, threshold metrics, agent status and agent historical data. This drill down data allows managers to take specific actions to resolve under-performing contact center metrics before they become a wide-scale issue.

Real-Time & Historical Performance

The data provided by this area of the web-based report grants managers the opportunity to analyse an agent's current performance against long term historical performance, under different conditions and different cyclical time periods in the contact center. The manager can use this data to address agent's performance patterns or to accurately recognise agents that are performing well on a consistent basis.

Become a more efficient decision maker with web-based reports:

Our web-based reports empower call center managers by allowing them to recieve real-time data on KPIs and contact center performance from wherever they may be. This is crucial to managers who often have to attend executive meetings, travel off-site or are working from home. Our reports make call center managers truly mobile and are offered real flexibility in how they view their data with access from devices such as tablets and smartphones.

View screenshots of some of our web based reports in our photo gallery.


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