Call Center Status Reporting

Status reporting is designed for the new inexperienced agent that needs reminders of the status of the call center. By keeping the agent aware through real time updates and alerts the agent is able to focus on their business. An alert can make the new agent aware of a change in the current status and help them improve their performance. Status reporting can also show the agent what their status is and remind them of their objective.

New agents face challenges from being in their new position to learning company procedures which means that the metrics used for them should be different to senior agents.

Considerations For New Agent Metrics

It is important to consider several factors when choosing metrics for the new agents

  • Large desktop reports covering alot of metrics can intefere with the agent's work space.
  • The data can distract the agent from their work tasks as the content updates and changes.
  • Some metrics can have a negative effect on agent performance if they are interpreted wrongly.

Call Center Status Reporting

Metrics For Status Reporting Displays

The metrics that are recommended for a Status Reporting display include:

  • Calls in Queue
  • Longest Wait Time
  • Service Level
  • Abandoned Calls
  • Average Speed of Answer

These metric have been shown to drive efficient behavior with new and inexperienced agents.

Display Solutions For Status Reports

Desktop wallboards provide the means to keep the inexperienced agent aware and alert to changes in the status of the call center. Working in conjunction with a LCD screen the call center can be more effective and efficient and meet the goals and objectives.

Contact Center Status Reports

An effective Status Reporting desktop solution has preset thresholds that alert the agent to a status change. This alert can be a message to agent (or group) notifying them of a metric that needs attention or simply a color change of the metric in threshold. For more skilled and experienced agents Performance Reporting is recommended.

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