Spectrum Automated Real Time Reporting

Managing your business or department through key performance objectives is a challenge given different sources of information and varying metrics. The challenge is even greater when the metrics are diversified due to the different objectives being monitored.  Therefore, each department executive needs to have a customized summary performance report based upon their own metrics. The real time summary reports are gathered from different sources of data, consolidated, manipulated and sent on a regular basis to the varying stakeholders.

  • This process is automated, were it not it would take manpower and time and often lead to delayed decision making.
  • Many times given the complexity of gathering the data it would not be accomplished at all.
  • In an Automated Real Time Reporting Solution environment corrective actions are made rather than reactive management of the department’s challenges.

Delivering the proper content is another crucial component of an Automated Real Time Reporting System.  With Spectrum’s award winning neXorce and VectraView software building the reporting and delivering it to the active stakeholders is convenient and automatic.