Purpose of Desktop Wallboards is to provide real time information to the agents so they are able to react immediately and effectively. The Desktop Wallboard has additional functions for the agent. The top three purposes for the desktop wallboard, according to Spectrum customers are:

  • Critical KPI alert;
  • Agent states for their group;
  • Personal performance for the day.

Critical KPI’s are very similar across most call centers today. Customer service may have trouble tickets that are open for premiere customers or perhaps a financial contact center has an email waiting. The concept remains the same. Critical KPI’s are the most important aspect of the desktop wallboard for the contact center. Depending on the purpose of the desktop wallboard the data could be Calls InQ, FCR, CSAT, Abandon Rates, Service Level, ASA, Longest Wait Time, Tickets Open, Emails and Chats Waiting. There are a tremendous number of KPI’s that could be critical to your business.


Agent States provide the agents the information they desire so they are able to manage their day and maintain the business goals. If we are not aware of what others are doing we cannot follow our schedules. Another issue is the negative reaction this can cause with the agents. People taking long breaks or not following the agreed upon schedule or lunch hours that well exceed the sixty minutes.


Personal performance is of interest to those who want to go above the business goals. There are others that are compensated for their performance and need to know how they are doing. Or the low end of the staff that will be part of near future turnover need to be aware of their performance so there is no discussions about why they are being dismissed.3

There are other values to the desktop wallboards including:

  • Internal data showing business performance
  • Positive thought provoking messages or threshold messages with alerts
  • Performance comparisons with other agents, top and bottom performance
  • Group data rather than just agent specific information
  • Segregated data, separate voice, email, chat and other data sources into separate tabs
  • Break down of time spent for the day (Talk, break, ACW, AUX, Idle, etc.)
  • Group targets per FTD KPI’s vs actuals
4 5

Ideally the manager will look at the business goals and use them as a guideline for determining what data and other information should appear on the desktop wallboard. All of us are trying to increase and maintain revenue or decrease costs. What content will help you accomplish either of these goals?

There can be challenges when it comes to designing the best Desktop Wallboard. However, if we focus on the Critical KPI’s, Agent States, and Performance Metrics we can make the agents much more productive.