The customer service or help desk dashboard can take many shapes and sizes depending on your business, the products and services you manage, is this internal or external customer service, are you managing customers from multiple regions. Your purpose for having a dashboard can also change the data (KPI’s) that are monitored and displayed. Finally the challenges that your customer service department is having might also change the content of your dashboard.

Customer Service Dashboard Benefits:

  • Combined summary of ticket status for all products, service, internal issues, etc. ;
  • CSR performance of working, closing and transferring tickets;
  • SLA status by product, service, location;
  • Combined real time data from ticketing services and ACD platform.

Spectrum’s dashboard reporting combines data from multiple sources. As a manager you do not have time to be scrolling through multiple separate applications just to see the current status and performance. The Spectrum reporting saves you time by combining data together into a single dashboard.

Customer Service top dashboard feature requests:

  • Collect the data from the ACD Platform for customer service skill groups and combine it with WFM and our customer service ticketing system.
  • Create dashboard tabs with summary, group and agent data with the combined data from multiple data sources.
  • SLA summary and by group with combined data from ACD and ticketing system.
  • Agent performance KPI’s that includes working, transferred and denied for both voice and on-line tickets. Transferred and denied status affects our FCR and lowers our CSat ratings. I need to see which agents are doing this and see if they are rotating the transferred and denied processes around each other.

The customer service dashboard should contain combined and consolidated data from multiple data sources that your customers are using to contact your business for support. Improving the customer experience is possible with rapid accurate communications with the customer or if possible FCR. Complete awareness of your SLA’s is critical to your business. Seeing the segregated and combined SLA’s will keep you aware of your business status and enable you to maintain your agreements.


LCD Screens (VectraView Software)

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