The purpose of the financial contact center reporting dashboard is to provide awareness of the current performance and status within the call center.  Customer contact is coming from calls, email, and chat and as a manager, you need to be aware of the combined performance and status.  Spectrum’s call center reporting software is able to combine data from multiple data sources so that you are quickly alerted to the overall contact center status.

Financial Dashboard Benefits:

  • Real time easy to read performance and status information for the groups;
  • Drill down to see agent performance and status per group;
  • Combined (voice/email/chat) group and agent performance contact data;
  • Logged in status for the agents

Spectrum’s dashboard reporting combines data from multiple sources. As a manager, you do not have time to be scrolling through multiple separate applications just to see the current status. The Spectrum reporting saves you time by combining data together into a single dashboard.

Financial customers have told Spectrum their top reporting criteria:

  • They have groups that are made up of multiple skills. Aggregate these skills into group reports. The groups would combine voice, email and chat data together.
  • Agents work multiple skills, some in the same group and some in different groups. They need to see agent performance for each skill and each data source as well as a combined performance for all skills and data sources they are assigned to.
  • Internal data or data from other sources consolidated with the ACD information will display data such as schedule adherence, quotes and revenue.


LCD Screens (VectraView Software)

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