The healthcare industry is a complex vast industry covering service providers such as hospitals and out to insurance companies, product and service providers, government and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, there are many types of healthcare contact center dashboard needs which vary by the type of business you are in the healthcare industry.

Access to selective summarized data that the manager and agents can view will provide them with visualization of the performance, status, and direction the contact center and business could be going. Standard reporting that is available with most healthcare applications do not provide you with combined data reporting.

By collaborating data from multiple healthcare contact center software sources, a true real time report of the performance and status of the skill groups, agents and overall call center is possible.

Healthcare Dashboard Benefits:

  • Empowering Managers and Agents with real time data from multiple data sources that provide real time combined reporting so performance and status for the group and other agents is very clear, concise and accurate.
  • Drill down details so that you can see the overall statistics and specific group and agent details for those groups. No longer do you have to go through multiple applications to see the same critical KPI’s.
  • Consolidated and collaborated data from content sources that are business related but does not contain data. Sources such as event calendars, business and call center visitor schedules, order status, product and service release dates.

Spectrum’s healthcare contact center software and dashboard reporting combine data from multiple sources. As a manager, you do not have time to be scrolling through multiple separate applications just to see the current status and performance. The Spectrum reporting saves you time by combining data together into a single dashboard.


LCD Screens (VectraView Software)

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