The challenges of the Insurance Call Center Software and Reporting Solutions are the consolidation of data from multiple data sources and maintain real time updates within the dashboard. As a manager you need to know the status of the groups and agents within the group. You also need to see performance status and determine where productivity needs to improve. A well-designed dashboard will help you improve productivity and drive positive behavior.

The insurance call center has many skill groups and subsets of agents handling these groups. The dashboard and software for insurance call centers must aggregate the data correctly for each group and subset so group and agent productivity information can be seen.

Insurance Dashboard Benefits:

  • Real time productivity and status information for the groups and agents;
  • Drill down to see consolidated data for each group and agents within the group;
  • Dashboards that are formatted to meet your needs and not set to default to the application;
  • Detailed aggregated information for multiple data sources in the same dashboard

Spectrum’s dashboard reporting combines data from multiple sources. As a manager, you do not have time to be scrolling through multiple separate applications just to see the current status. The Spectrum insurance call center reporting solutions save you time by combining data together into a single dashboard.

Insurance Call Center Customers top dashboard features:

  • Combined selective data from multiple data sources into one dashboard that the manager can click through to see the performance, productivity and status for the group and agents within that group;
  • Groups have multiple subset groups that need to be combined together to show the true status of the overall group. The manager should not have to look at multiple reports just to see the status of one group;
  • Agent performance and status for all skill groups that they are logged into on one table within the dashboard.

The dashboard should contain combined and consolidated data from multiple data sources that your customers are using to contact your business. This dashboard should display selective aggregated data that is relevant and vital to the contact center. This dashboard should provide a real time accurate report for the call center.


LCD Screens (VectraView Software)

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