The utilities industry (water, electric, gas, etc.) can be a volatile call center.  Days can be quiet or extremely busy.  Seasonal weather can affect usage, availability and outages which directly impact the contact center. Therefore, dashboards for utility call centers become a necessity that is flexible and mobile. Desktops for agents are also important and critical at seasonal times of the year.

Group level reporting that can combine data from multiple sources is a requirement for most utilities.  In today’s world, managing both voice and on-line contacts for outage alerts is needed by managers, and Spectrum offers a line of utility call center software and solutions to help.

Utility Dashboard Benefits:

  • Real-time status of metrics for the groups and agents
  • Critical threshold alerts
  • Consolidated and combined data from multiple sources (Voice, Email, IVR, Chat)
  • Drill down for analytics across groups for seasonal performance data

Spectrum’s dashboard reporting combines data from multiple sources. As a manager, you do not have time to be scrolling through multiple separate applications just to see the current status and performance. Spectrum’s dashboards and software for utility call centers save you time by combining data together into a single dashboard.

Utility Dashboard Applications:

  • Senior Managers: Web based reports, mobile phones, desktops with historical contact center information and drill down capabilities.
  • Managers: Dashboards, Web based reports, desktops, mobile phones, LCD Screens with Agent, CRM and WFM information and drill down capabilities
  • Team Leaders: Desktops, LCD Screens with Split Skill and Agent status information
  • Agents: Desktops, LCD Screens and Wallboards with Split Skill and Agent status information


LCD Screens (VectraView Software)

Contact Spectrum for details on utilities dashboards and wallboards.