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Why Choose NeXorce for Aura Contact Center

Avaya Aura Solution

Nexorce is a cost effective way for Aura platforms to have a Real-Time Visual Solution in the Contact Center.

Mobile Friendly

Stay in touch with Real-Time Key Performance Indicators with any browser enabled mobile device.

Powered By NeXorce

NeXorce is a highly capable system that grows with your contact center. Expansion is easy and affordable.

Low Cost

A cost effective Real-Time Visual Solution to communicate with Avaya Aura Contact Center.

Easy to Use Software Tools

NeXorce and VectraView make creating your own displays simple and easy

Real-Time Custom Key Performance Idicators

Keeping track of Contact Center operations in real time on TV Wallboards and mobile devices just got easier.

Data on the go!

Tablets or Desktops can view TV Templates.

Custom KPIs

All contacts centers are different, and that’s why Spectrum offers customizable Key Performance Indicators so that you can track data that is most important to you.


Multiple connections to each template.


Choose Template layout, choose which Split/Skils’s and which KPI's you want to monitor

Industry Leading Refresh Rates

Fast refresh rates make descision making for agents efficient and easy

Large Format Text for Data

Large format text for Key Perfomance Indicators can be seen from 100ft away.

Aura Contact Center

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