Dashboards, wallboards & desktop reporting powered by NeXorce software uses the ULS sockets and ODBC collectors to capture data from the Avaya Call Management System (CMS) and stores the collected data in the NeXorce database. NeXorce Enterprise Software is the software engine for Unified Contact Center Reporting. By combining the CMS data with other data such as CRM, WFM, etc., NeXorce builds unified reports for the call center. NeXorce is able to capture Avaya Split Skill, Agent States, Agent Summary, Vector and VDN information from the Avaya CMS via Spectrum ULS sockets and ODBC collectors.

Fully Compliant up to and including Avaya CMS 18.X

Most call centers using Spectrum’s NeXorce Enterprise Software also are capturing data from other sources such as CRM, WFM, and in-house created databases.  High Availability data collection is also available.

Key Benefits of Dashboards and Wallboards for Avaya CMS through NeXorce Reporting

  • Consolidated data from multiple sources such as Voice, Email, Chat and internal databases;
  • Multiple Split Skills combined into one group of data rather than separated;
  • Real time and historical data combined from Split Skills, Agent States, Agent Summary, Vector and VDN.
  • Adjusted formulas to meet the business needs.

Applications for Avaya CMS Reporting

  • Senior Managers: Web based reports, mobile phones, desktops with historical contact center information and drill down capabilities.
  • Managers: Dashboards, Web based reports, desktops, mobile phones, LCD Screens with Agent, CRM and WFM information and drill down capabilities
  • Team Leaders: Desktops, LCD Screens with Split Skill and Agent status information
  • Agents: Desktops, LCD Screens and Wallboards with Split Skill and Agent status information

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