Avaya is offering a “Desktop Wallboard” formerly known as Wallboard for Windows for the CMS, IQ and OA platforms. Spectrum receives many requests to define the differences between the Avaya Desktop Wallboard and the Spectrum XorceView product. Sample images are shown at the bottom of the page.

  • Pricing from Avaya or an Avaya Reseller will vary based on the size of the project. Larger projects reduce the price per desktop, while smaller projects increase the price. Spectrum’s XorceView is priced much lower on a per seat basis. Cost Advantage: Spectrum
  • If the ACD platform (CMS, OA, IQ) is upgraded to the latest version, the Avaya Desktop Wallboard software will need to be repurchased as well. Avaya and the reseller will not tell you this during the quoting process. This is not the case for Spectrum’s XorceView. Cost Advantage: Spectrum
  • Desktop Wallboard Image: The Avaya Desktop Wallboard is pre-set to a two line box with the top line for the agent’s stats and the bottom line for messaging (shown below). Spectrum can easily match this layout, but most customers want much more than this as can be seen of the Spectrum Desktop. Functionality Advantage: Spectrum
  • The Spectrum version of the Desktop solution, XorceView, can also be used by managers to show much more information about the group, groups, or the entire call center. Avaya does not offer this versatility for their Desktop Wallboard product. Versatility Advantage: Spectrum
  • The Avaya Desktop Wallboard requires a Multicast environment to function.  Multicast is a one-to-many communication structure. This means that a single packet is sent out to everyone even if they do not have the rights or security to view the communication.  Spectrum’s XorceView desktop solution does not require a multicast communication. Security and Functionality Advantage: Spectrum.
  • Citrix Environment Compatibility: The Spectrum XorceView and neXorce software solutions are fully compatible with the Citrix environment.  Avaya’s Desktop Wallboard is not compatible. Thin Client Protocol Compatibility Advantage: Spectrum
  • Lead time: How long does it take to receive a product or service from Avaya? Typically it takes 6 – 8 weeks after they have received your order.  Spectrum existing customers one week.  Turnaround advantage: Spectrum.

Spectrum XorceView Desktop samples:

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