In today’s multichannel contact center data typically includes Voice, Email and Chat. Agents communicate with customers through these three venues.  Therefore the reporting for the agents, supervisors and managers needs to include metrics for this multichannel data. Avaya customer’s use CMS, IQ and OA together to communicate across the voice, email and chat channels.   However, getting combined reporting for these channels is not easy to do.

Reporting for the multichannel data should include a summary group level report that shows the metrics for voice email and chat.  A separate tab for agent states or each group individually helps the manager with complete detailed information.


Features of Multichannel Reporting:

  • Combination of CMS, IQ, OA and other external data in one summary report
  • Combination of agent data from CMS, IQ and OA data in one summary report
  • Groups created by combining split skills from CMS, IQ and OA data

Applications for Multichannel Reporting:

Manager Dashboards with real time and historical data

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