Be Empowered with Real-Time Data

NeXorce reporting software provides real-time call center reporting, taking real-time data collection and delivery to a new level. NeXorce reporting strengths come from data collection and data distribution. Capture data from more sources using socket connections, ODBC, XML, Data Emulation, or from the web. Then publish your information to a dashboard, LCD screen, desktop, web report, wallboard, tablet PCs, smartphone based on the targeted audience.

NeXorce Reporting Software Features

  • Status and alerts for office and home agent desktops
  • Group status and performance with alerting to supervisor desktops and dashboards
  • All group status, summaries per group, specifics per group, agent specifics status and performance and analytics for the groups and agents for the managers’ dashboard
  • Group status and accomplishments for the call center and visitors
  • Content for Tablet PC’s which enable mobility for the supervisors and managers
  • Daily email alerts to IT, managers or key personnel notifying about the current status. Emails can be daily or weekly status and performance of the call center, groups or agents
  • Web based reporting for mobility and security

NeXorce Benefits

  • Real Time and Historical Reporting will improve efficiencies in the Call Center
  • Display goals and variances to improve stakeholder performance
  • Better decision making with Real Time information
  • Improve CSat and FCR ratings

Compatibility with Avaya

Our NeXorce reporting software integrates with Avaya to enable call center managers to fully utilize all the capabilities that Avaya data sources can provide. See how Avaya compatible call center reporting software, NeXorce and wallboards capture data from Avaya ACD, CRM, WFM and your own in-house databases.

Compatibility with Cisco

The NeXorce software is fully compatible with Cisco Express (UCCX) and Cisco Enterprise (UCCE). Enhanced reporting provides the manager, supervisors and agents detailed information in a format that will improve performance immediately. Combine data from the Cisco platform as well as other data such as email, chat, WFM or internal database information.

NeXorce Gives You Complete Flexibility in Viewing Real-Time Data

Smart Phones & Emails for Remote Alerts: Many Call Center managers would prefer a notification on their smartphones when critical thresholds have been exceeded. Spectrum’s NeXorce provides a solution that will allow you to stay connected through email messages, SMS text messages and web reports delivered straight to your smartphone.

With NeXorce your email along with subject line real time information is delivered as scheduled or on threshold violations. These emails, SMS and web reports to your smart phone all help to increase your mobility and improves your productivity from wherever you might be during the day.

Tablet PC’s: Display real time information to your tablet PC through wireless URL or network connection. Spectrum’s NeXorce Software provides the ability to output data to a tablet PC and gives managers and supervisors the freedom to leave their desks and still be aware of the call center stats in real time.

LED Wallboards: Keep your workforce informed with traditional and reliable IP or serial wallboards. Display key statistics, metrics and messages in an easy to read format. Simply set thresholds using colors and audible alerts. Traditional and having the lowest TCO of any real time digital signage Spectrum offers a full line of LED Wallboards and LED Readerboards for the Call Center.

Web Based Reports: Web based reports are ideal for managers. These reports can be viewed in the office, on the road, on your smartphone or from home. A Summary Report could be the home page with drill down to group information on voice, chat and email KPI’s.

Then, drill across to see details on the agents and how well they are performing in their roles. Additionally, goals and variances can be included in the reports for an easier comparison against the stated goals for the groups and agents.

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