NeXorce Cloud is a virtual, cloud-based call center reporting software solution that provides reporting for all levels of the contact center. Agents, Supervisors, and Managers have KPI’s and status reporting that improves their performance and efficiencies in the call center. By using a cloud-based call center reporting software, agents, supervisors and managers can access real time reporting data anywhere by only an Internet connection.

Cloud Based Contact Center reporting offers:

Data security through a hybrid cloud configuration
Flexible scalability for reporting growth to meet corporate changes
Reliable data collection and reporting without latency issues
Affordable on OpEx budgets with monthly billings

cloud based call center reporting software

Data Collection – Secure, stable and real time reporting of data in the cloud
Agent Desktops – Designed to improve agent performance
Supervisor Desktops – Collaborate agents and group level data with Supervisor status
Manager Dashboards – Integrated for real time to historical data for summary contact center reporting

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