On a daily basis call centers and agents exceed their thresholds and the manager and the agents are made aware of the threshold violations. As a manager, you do not have time to explore each KPI threshold violation. However, if you have a summary report of the threshold violations you now have a tool that shows exactly where the call center can improve via call center threshold analytics.

Benefits of Threshold Analytics

Enables Proactive Decision-Making

Using threshold analytics, the call center manager is proactively alerted to variances (where a KPI has repeated threshold variances throughout the day) and allows them to take action during the time that they are occurring, determine what is causing the variance and to resolve it. This can help the company to save money, customers and increase revenues.

Mobile Analytics & Decision-Making

The threshold analytics reports are also available to the call center manager in dashboards and web-based reports. The web-based reports are available on a variety of smartphone and tablet devices that are ideal for managers that are traveling as they will be empowered to make informed decisions from wherever they may be. The dashboard reports allow managers to see a real-time view of metrics and statistics for their call center performance.

Improved Assessment Accuracy

These analytics reports offer a new view of the KPI thresholds for the call center. Managers will be able to see how the agent, group, groups and entire call center is performing against the goals set. This information can be used to accurately assess;

  • Staffing
  • Agent Performance Levels
  • Team Leader Performance
  • Overall Call Center Performance

The call center manager can utilize the trending data to see how the call center is improving over time by viewing the reduction in threshold violations over time. This data can be used for directing agent training (areas that need to improve upon), show call center goals that are too lenient or strict, assist with WFM scheduling and reinforce the value of the call center to management.

Spectrum threshold analytics is a summary report that shows the call center manager

  • Which KPI’s have gone into threshold, throughout the day;
  • When they went into threshold during the day;
  • How many times they went into threshold for the day;
  • The totals for each KPI for the day;
  • A weekly/monthly (trend) report can also be created.
threshold analytics summary repot

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