Call Center Reporting Software

At Spectrum, our company offers contact center software and reporting tools to provide real time contact center reporting solutions. Providing immediate statistics on agent, team and group level status, our call center reporting software aims to improve contact center performance and efficiency. Call reporting software connects to your phone system so it can securely collect and store the data records of all calls made and received through your call center.

Call Center Reports & Solutions Available

Reporting and call center analytics is the most requested feature from today’s call center manager. Contact center managers need to know what the status of the call center is at any point in time while tracking and displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time. Without statistics and performance metrics, the call center can be moving along blindly, which is why Spectrum offers the following reporting software solutions for managers:

Unified Contact Center Reporting

With Spectrum’s NeXorce Enterprise Reporting software, you can extract data from your ACD, CRM or in-house database and automatically build and send reports to your chosen hardware.

Contact Center Activity Monitoring

A subset of Unified Contact center reporting, collect data from call center applications.

Unified Reporting

A subset of unified contact center reporting summarizes data into contact center reports appropriate for each level of the contact center.

Performance Reports

Provided goal-oriented metrics to show performance and areas for improvement.

Status Reports

Provides real time updates and alerts of the status of the call center.

Corporate Communications

Shares general information on the call center and corporate news for employees, customers and vendors.

Advantages of Spectrum’s Contact Center Reports:

  • Contact Center Statistics for the group and agents from the ACD, CRM, WFM and more;
  • Delivered to you, your agents, team leaders and managers automatically and in real time;
  • Reports available on dashboards, desktops, web based reports, LCD screens, smartphones, wallboards, email, tablets;
  • Available and affordable for SMB Call Centers, too;
  • Unique KPI’s that your ACD cannot provide.

We offer a variety of products for viewing call center reporting software, including wallboardsLCD displays and more.