Contact Center Activity Monitoring (CCAM) is a subset of Unified Contact Center Reporting (UCCR).  CCAM is the process of collecting data from the call center applications.  The challenge for many contact centers is not the data that is generated but getting access to the data and being able to do something with it.  Spectrum uses different methods to extract data from siloed systems and warehouses which are shown in the Contact Center Activity Monitoring Diagram.

call center monitoring

Key Benefits of Contact Center Activity Monitoring:

  • Spectrum can monitor many call center applications and can extract data from these siloed systems;
  • Custom-built applications and spreadsheets can be monitored and data extracted so unique data can be utilized;
  • Investments made in custom-built applications is not lost;
  • Public feeds can be accessed and do not have to be recreated.  Corporate communications are accurate and consistent;
  • The strength of UCCR is the ability to extract data from multiple data sources.  Many sources have data that is uniquely stored and therefore not easily accessible.

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