Corporate Communications Reporting – deliver important information

Effective communications throughout the corporate offices are an important part of daily operations. Employees, customers and vendors all need information about your business and the industry but it can be difficult to relay the proper messages to these different audiences. Corporate communications through digital signage resolve these challenges.

Digital corporate communications from the lobby to the hallways and break rooms are effective methods of sharing general information as well as urgent corporate news.

Corporate Communication applications:

  • Corporate news, greetings and event information is shared in the Lobby.
  • Internal general non-confidential content is displayed in the Hallways.
  • Break Rooms can be used for product news, call center agent status, advertisements, messages, alerts, news and weather.
  • Cafeteria/lunch rooms use corporate communications in a multitude of functions. News, weather, sports, event information, CEO webcasts, call center agent status, visitor greetings, vendor advertisement, stock prices, RSS feeds, menu’s, employee photos, and so much more!
  • Rooms and areas used by senior management utilize corporate communications to stay alert on messages, RSS feeds, news, stock information, competition, industry and market trends, etc.

Benefits of Corporate Communications:

  • Alert notifications are immediate and visible to all;
  • Product and brand awareness information to those that work with customers;
  • Up-to-date company achievements improve morale;
  • Live news, weather sports, industry news and video for employee comfort;
  • Corporate communications and call center wallboards can be combined together to reduce costs.