Call Center Agent Performance Reporting provides goal-oriented metrics to the highly skilled experienced agent. These metrics show the skilled agent how they are performing and where they can improve. An experienced agent wants to know how close they are to their goals and objectives. By providing the correct metrics the skilled agent is able to optimize their performance.

Showing experienced agents statistics such as wait time and ASA can create a negative effect. These agents become bored with the metrics and ignore them. To assist a highly skilled agent, metrics on the desktop need to show them how they are performing. These agents will then work towards improving their performance.


Call Center Agent Performance Metrics

The metrics that are recommended for a Performance Reporting display include:

  • Average Handle Time
  • Abandoned Rate (%)
  • Service Level (%)
  • Occupancy Rate (%)
  • Calls in Queue – Agents still need to be alerted to calls in queue.

These call center metrics are recommended for skilled and experienced agents.

The performance metrics help to provide a true picture of performance in the call center, they identify strengths and weaknesses, and help to establish goals for the call center and agents. When they are utilized effectively the metrics can provide an aggregate call center performance figure that can be used by call center managers to measure and track progress.

Useful metrics for supervisor and manager desktops include; agent name/ID, agent extension, the current state of the agent, amount of time in the current state, what queue they are working in and the number of calls they have answered.

By using call center statistics along with performance metrics, managers can see how well the business is performing against set goals which can be used in strategy to identify areas in the call center to improve.

If the call center is made up of a group of highly skilled agents an LCD wallboard could work in conjunction to provide group performance content.


An effective Performance Reporting will ensure the agents are able to optimize their performance with objective oriented metrics instead of status metrics. If the agents are not highly skilled or are new to the position a Status Reporting solution might be more appropriate.


Performance metrics are included in reporting solutions that include; dashboards, LCD screens, web-based reporting, smartphones and email for use by agents, team leaders and managers.


Agents can run through their statistics and performance metrics using a desktop solution. Seeing their metrics in comparison to the group statistics and performance helps them to identify the exact areas in which they need to address and improve.

Team Leaders

Team leaders can follow the agents and groups through web-based reporting options in addition to the LCD screen solution. The reporting of performance metrics empowers team leaders to make informed decisions for improvement as they can drill into the web report to determine which agents are falling behind and coach them.


Performance metrics reporting through dashboards, web-based reporting and smartphone options allows managers to stay connected to the call center from anywhere and make informed decisions on the go. They can check metrics against set goals to determine call center performance and use the specific drill down options to see which groups or agents need improvement and coaching.

Managers can also show call center performance to senior management in the business with a single report showing the calculated weighted performance score of the call center. The manager can clearly show improvement in the call center by selecting KPIs and comparing them against the performance goals that were set.