Unified Contact Center Reporting consists of two processes and middleware software.  The two processes are Contact Center Activity Monitoring and Unified Reporting. The middleware software is NeXorce which controls the two processes.  Contact Center Activity Monitoring (CCAM) extracts the data from sources such as ACD, CRM, WFM, or your own in house database.  The second process is Unified Reporting which automatically builds and sends reports to predetermined devices.  The unified reports are available on dashboards, LCD screens, web based reports, desktops, wallboards, email, smartphones or tablets.


Key Benefits

Monitoring Critical KPI’s

Managers are able to monitor critical KPI’s across the contact center and take corrective action immediately. This can help improve contact center efficiencies and effectiveness.

Key Information for Better Decision-Making

Unified reports help summarize all data into reports for each different level of the contact center. Each level displays only the information that managers need to take proactive actions to improve performance in the contact center.

Make Informed Decisions from Anywhere

All reports are published to dashboards, desktops, LCD screens, web-based reports, wallboards and smartphones to allow complete flexibility in how managers monitor the performance of the contact center. This empowers managers with mobility and the ability to make informed and proactive decisions from anywhere.

Important Alerts for Proactive Decision-Making

Key alerts and notifications are sent out to dashboards, desktops, wallboards, LCD screens, Email, SMS and Smart Phones. The contact center manager will always be connected to the contact center and how it’s performing.

Contact Center Reporting Applications

For Agents

Real time information is offered to agents directly to their desktops or to a wallboard, allowing them to see how they are performing and adjust accordingly. The information provided to the desktop will be agent specific and also show group level details while the wallboard information will show group level metrics.

For Team Leaders

Agent level real-time information is available to team leaders on the desktop or as web based reports as a way to monitor agent performance and suggest improvements when required. This information will also be available on wallboards as group level metrics.

For Contact Center Managers

Historical data on the performance of the contact center is provided to managers for reviewing purposes, allowing them to drill down into real time information in the form of dashboards, web-based reports or desktop applications. Analysis can be carried out quickly and managers will be able to make more informed decisions based on the quality information.

For Senior Management

Senior management will be able to used UCC Reporting to accurately determine that the contact center is performing at the desired peak by reviewing web-based reports that offer both historical and real-time information options.
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UCC Reporting Platforms

Using contact center activity monitoring Spectrum collects contact center metrics from many different platforms including:

Additional call center application reporting is possible utilizing similar tools to capture data from your CRM, WFM, IVR, or your in-house proprietary data source.
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