End of Life (EOL):

Spectrum occasionally announces EOL on our software and hardware products. This is an industry norm and it is done to help protect our customers from outdated software and hardware. Announcements are made one year prior to the EOL date on software. Spectrum also tries to do this with hardware but there are times when some of the components within the hardware have a ninety day to an immediate EOL.

End of Support (EOS):

Spectrum occasionally announces EOS on our software products. This is an industry standard and it is done to continue to improve our products. Announcements are made one year prior to the EOS date on the software. EOS typically means that you may need to upgrade your Spectrum software to the latest version to continue to receive support for your existing software.

For Spectrum customers who use our products, we offer http://support.specorp.com to submit a ticket for any of the following:

  • NeXorce Software
  • VectraView Software
  • Ultra-Link Software
  • V-Display Software

On the support site you will find:

  • Troubleshooter to find an answer to a problem;
  • Download manuals, updates and training documents;
  • Access our knowledge base for frequently asked questions;
  • Submit a trouble ticket and learn the status of an existing ticket.