Software Maintenance is the process of optimizing the use of deployed software, correcting faults with the software, implementation, administration and upgrading the software version.  Software maintenance is the final stage of a complete software installation and implementation process.

Software maintenance is on-going due to the use of software configuration changes, integration and interfaces changes, and the output of data to display clients change.  Software faults, implementation errors and administration problems can and do occur during the use of the software.

When an authorized and fully trained engineer logs into the Spectrum software, additional checks are made to make certain the proper versions are installed and are not causing problems with the installation and clients that are operational.

In most cases the implementation of the complete Spectrum solution was a significant decision and investment by your organization. Annual maintenance is a small percentage of that overall investment and will ensure a long term availability and operational real time reporting solution.

Key Benefits from Spectrum Maintenance

  • Correct any faults, errors, problems with the software
  • Implement enhancements
  • Perfecting existing functionality and operations
  • Preventing performance degradation
  • Training as required or requested
  • Configuration and administrative changes

Spectrum Corporation offers both software and hardware maintenance agreements. With an agreement in place, you may take comfort in knowing your investment is protected.

Services in the maintenance agreement include, but are not limited to: troubleshooting and diagnostics, configuration changes, software updates, back-ups, changes to templates, formulas, configurations and on-going training.   Wallboard maintenance coverage includes parts and labor.

All maintenance is remote support.  For on-site maintenance support, contact Spectrum directly for pricing.

Spectrum offers standard maintenance agreements and 24/7 agreements. Contact Spectrum for documentation on Maintenance coverage.