Avaya IP Office Solutions

IP Office users now have access to Enterprise level reporting only available for legacy platforms. Real-time and historical reporting solutions on TV Wallboards or directly to Agent and Manager Desktops.

Enhance Reporting for ACCS

Output Modules and Features

Software Suite

Dazzling LCD Wallboards for Group Reporting

Data Management

Customized Contact Center Monitoring


PC Reports for instant Awareness, onsite or remote.

On the Go?

Critical Content on Phones or Mobile Devices.


IP Office businesses with the Avaya Contact Center Select add-on can now have enterprise level reporting without the Enterprise cost. Similar to the Aura platform, NeXorce obtains comprehensive real-time data through a multicast stream; Skillset, Application and Agent data can all be retrieved with minimal setup and made available to you through several dynamic applications or reports.

With a service developed utilizing Avaya DevConnect specifically to listen to the ACCS multicast stream, neXorce efficiently retrieves the statistics with the ability to combine real-time and historical daily data to provide an integrated set of call center information that matters to you.

Key Benefits from decades of experience

  • Consolidated data from multiple sources, ACDs, ticketing, MySQL, Oracle
  • LCD monitors for large group awareness, or display content directly on a remote agent/manager desktop.
  • Real time and historical data combined from Skillsets, Applications and Agents provide the information needed for maximum performance.
  • Standard metrics or Key Performance Indicators can also be configured, adjusted or completely customized based on your daily challenges.

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