Awareness is Key

Contact Center Reporting & Software Solutions

Spectrum solutions not only capture real-time and historical content from the leading contact center providers, but go beyond the normal and create visual cues from other sources. Data and metrics in the form of ticketing systems, databases, JSON and XML feeds etc. All collected data can then be consolidated into meaningful metrics that are funneled to agent & manager desktops, large TV Wallboards, web-based reports, email, and smart devices.

Critical Metric

Data That Matters to you

Spectrum’s data management solutions are powered by the NeXorce Enterprise suite: A user friendly reporting tool with the ability to format, calculate, and combine real-time and historical content from multiple Contact Center sources.

Multiple Sources

Digital Signage for the Contact Center

With the Nexorce Engine, you can boost call center awareness with Spectrum’s eye catching VectraView Suite for TV Wallboards. An enterprise level software solution for displaying data graphically using charts, gauges, text, and banners; as well as weather, video and corporate messages.

Wallboards for Groups

Critical Content, Directly to Agent & Manager Desktops

The demand for real-time data in today's telecom industry is at an all-time high since many agents and managers are now mobile and not located in the traditional call center. Requiring maximize performance from all team members, Spectrum rises to this challenge with our XorceView {source-view} software specifically designed for agents and managers working on-site or remote.

Desktops & Dashboards

Product Videos


Awareness of Key Performance Indicators is critical to the performance of any call center, and we provide the ability to configure raw data into KPIs to improve daily or unique challenges.


Challengers in the Contact Center are unique, combining real-time and historical content from multiple data sources provides the content needed for success.

Mobile Workforce

The Contact Center environment has shifted from busy call centers to a mobile workforce. Spectrum’s XorceView software is helping the transition by providing the agents and managers with the same content on their desktops that was displayed on the Call Center wallboards.