Agent Data Dashboard

XorceView Desktops and Dashboards were designed to give agents and managers a real-time glimpse of current performance;

  • View individual metrics to improve agent performance or;
  • Group content to improve coherence.
  • Managers can drill-down from Group to Agent level reporting
  • Designed for Mobile Agents/Managers

Spectrum’s XorceView (Source-View) software offers pinpoint reporting for funneling critical content to an agent or manager desktop. This allows agents and managers the immediate access to summary data they need to improve performance.

Onsite & Remote Adherence

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  • XorceView is a lightweight VPN compatible desktop client that brings your agents into the contact center
  • Data from multiple sources give remote agents the power to be effective when not in the office
  • Reports that do not dominate the Desktop, but big enough to give Agents required information.
  • With POP-UP alerting, XorceView can run minimized and simply POP-UP to alert the agent or supervisor of an actionable item.


  • Track personal or group metrics throughout the day, onsite or remote.
  • Monitor agent availability for call volume and transfers.
  • Audio and visual thresholds can alert agents quickly to key metrics
  • Supervisors can broadcast a ticker messages easily to their team(s) with a couple clicks


  • Keep agents engaged while working remotely
  • Custom Key Performance Indicators are designed based on the Contact Center’s specific challenges
  • XorceView is fully customizable, easy to apply charts and graphs make building your own display simple.
  • Display unique metrics like Custom Service Levels, Abandonment rates

Display key statistics like # Agents Logged In, Available,
and Unavailable as well as Wait and Talk durations per CSQ.

Select and filter views for one, multiple or all CSQs.

Output Modules and Features

Software Suite

Dazzling LCD Wallboards for Group Reporting

Data Management

Customized Contact Center Monitoring


PC Reports for instant Awareness, onsite or remote.

On the Go?

Critical Content on Phones or Mobile Devices.