Avaya Contact Center Software

As a member of Avaya’s DevConnect Program, our software has been tested for compatibility and compliance by Avaya. Spectrum Real-Time Visual Solutions is constantly improving and providing new, innovative solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Solutions Designed for Avaya

Avaya DevConnect

Selected as part of Avaya’s DevConnect Program, Spectrum’s reporting solutions have been tested for compliance by Avaya. As well as being compatible with standards-based Avaya contact center reporting solutions.

Right Solution for the Problem


Target agents and managers with a unique blend of real-time and historical content to alleviate daily challenges.

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Enterprise level reporting solutions designed specifically for Avaya Aura (AACC) users, providing the comprehensive reporting tools agents and managers are requesting.

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IP Office

With Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS), Spectrum solutions can now target agents and managers with the Key Performance Indicators to help improve overall performance.

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Coming Soon! Spectrum’s tool for Avaya’s Oceananalytics is in development, based on two decades of research with Avaya platform.

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Output Modules and Features

Software Suite

Dazzling LCD Wallboards for Group Reporting

Data Management

Customized Contact Center Monitoring


PC Reports for instant Awareness, onsite or remote.

On the Go?

Critical Content on Phones or Mobile Devices.

Avaya Reporting

Spectrum Real-Time Visual Solutions integrates with various Avaya platforms; blending real-time and historical data and performing advanced high-level data calculations to provide custom KPIs that aren’t available natively from Avaya. Information can also be combined from data sources outside the Avaya umbrella to provide an overall view of Contact Center performance.

Custom KPIs can be easily applied to various display options to target agents and managers on Dashboards, LCD/LED screens, Web-based reports, Desktops, email and smart devices. Reports can display generic performance data for real-time decision making or content can be based on agent seniority to improve individual performance.

NeXorce Integration

Spectrum’s neXorce Enterprise integration is always changing, depending on the Avaya platform we utilize secure sockets, RSM feeds, and/or ODBC connections. The raw data from each application is different so configuration requirements are predetermined and data to be collected is defined by the Avaya ACD.

Avaya CMS :Split/Skill, Agent State, Agent Summary, VDN, and some Outbound

Aura/IP Office :Skillset, Application, Agent State/Summary

VectraView Output Module is used to display content on LCD/LED screens for large groups in the contact center, displaying real-time/historical information and corporate communications.

XorceView Output Module was designed for Agent desktops, displaying group content to build coherence or personal metrics to drive performance. XorceView is also a great tool for managers, providing a real-time snap shot of agent and group performance, while using very little desktop real-estate.