Spectrum offers eye catching displays designed to target mobile agents and managers with the Key Performance Indicators required to exceed in today’s changing Contact Center environment.

Unified Reporting

Right Solution For The Right Problem


Combining vital data management with comprehensive display options, filtering critical information for presented to both onsite and remote workforces.

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Legacy Monitoring Solutions designed specifically for Cisco Express; simplify reporting with Spectrum’s Prelude Reporting Solutions.

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Spectrum Partnerships

Cisco Partner

From Cisco Enterprise environments to smaller mid-sized solutions designed specifically for Cisco Express; Spectrum solutions have helped Cisco users connect and collaborate for over a decade.


Spectrum’s Real-Time Visual Solutions integrate with both Cisco Express and Cisco Enterprise; combining real-time and historical content to provide performance driven KPIs like %Answered or custom Service Levels and Abandonment Rates.

  • Generic metrics and custom KPIs can easily be applied to graphs, charts, or displayed in numerical format; giving agents and managers access to analytics required to ease daily challenges.
  • Although integration with Cisco platforms is fairly consistent, Spectrum is constantly developing tools and collectors to help consolidate the endless lists of Contact Center applications.
  • Spectrum’s JSON collector allows you to blend data from Web sources and the latest APIs with Cisco content.

In addition to expanding data sources, Spectrum is routinely innovating new ways of delivering critical information. From traditional TV Wallboards, Desktops, and Dashboards which are not only trendy and necessary, Spectrum expands delivery by introducing Web Based Reports with the ability to configure displays for large monitors all the way down to mobile devices.